How To Make Your Balayage Highlights Hair Colour Last longer?

Best Balayage Hair Highlights Toronto Salon Haircut

Either you have never coloured your hair before or you are a hair colour junkie, there are few simple secrets on how to make your balayage highlights hair colour last longer.


When checking online for best balayage hair most likely you came across enticing photos with before and after that are literally day-to-night looks, made you book online your appointment without even thinking if the photos are real or photoshopped enhanced or, if the same look can work on your hair type (colour, thickness, elasticity…), if the same results can achieved on your with one simple visit – or you will need to go through a process.

Last but not least, what is the maintenance involved with that look in the photo you found on Google Images Search?

Darker hair colours last longer versus lighter hair colours, like our beloved balayage highlights and respective toners, and there are a few factors that can extend the “life” and good health of your hair colour.


What to ask for while in salon?

The first “secret” to a long lasting hair colour is always to get an in-salon treatment done while performing the hair colouring service.

Regardless if you are using Olaplex or not, which serves for the propose of saving your hair from breakage as a primary concern.

A hair treatment like FUSIO-DOSE by KERASTASE (Concentre’ Pixelist + Booster Nutrition) will protect and lock the colour in your hair fiber while giving you a little extra kick of moisture and proteins to your hair.

haircare treatment for best haircuts in toronto

Another secret, which is really all about conveniency but also economically “correct” for your wallet, is to Rebook yourself in – before exiting the premises, or while you are getting your service done – for a Toner and Blow in 4-6 weeks. You can ask your stylist when will it be more appropriate to book it for.

This will make sure then when you toner start fading, you already have a back-up plan and more important an appointment already booked with your stylist to revive your colour.

This will not only make sure your hair will still look fabulous for longer time, but also prevent the hair to fall in a decadent state and before you know it a toner won’t do it anymore and you will have to rebook a whole new appointment to get your balayage highlights reapplied, toners and style.

Which will involve more time and also more money. While just coming in regularly, usually 4 weeks maximum 6 after your first visit, to have a simple toner and style done.


What to do when at home?

Your home hair care ritual is almost as important as getting your colour done by hair artist in salon. This will determine how beautifully and healthy your hair colour will last and look.

99% of the times you get your balayage highlights professionally done in salon, you will want to bring home at least:

1 Sulfate-Free Purple Shampoo

1 Purple Reinforcing Conditioning Treatment.




A sulfate-free purple shampoo will:

– make sure your toner and hair dye are not stripped away during your wash ritual by harsh sulphate concentrated shampoos (ex. drug store shampoos, drug store purple shampoos);

– make sure your balayage highlights tone and colour won’t fade as quickly and won’t turn into brassy tones for the longest possible time

What sulphate-free purple shampoo to use?

We recommend BLONDE.ANGEL WASH by KEVIN MURPHY eyes wide shut!

Your hair shine will be restored, brassy tones refreshed and smells amazing! Oh, and it’s sulphates-free, parabens-free and cruelty-free.


A purple and reinforcing conditioner will:

– make sure your balayage highlights tone and colour get an extra kick of toning enhancement;

– make sure your hair is properly conditioned and reinforced until your next hair visit in-salon.


What purple conditioning reinforcing treatment to use?

We strongly recommend BLONDE.ANGEL by KEVIN MURPHY!

Your hair moisture and hydration will be restored, brassy tones refreshed and smells amazing!

And of course parabens-free and cruelty-free like all Kevin Murphy products.


If you need more information on How To Make Your Balayage Highlights Hair Colour Last please pay us a visit in salon or follow our online tips on our hair blog.