How to Nurture Your Hair After Winter?

How to Nurture Your Hair After Winter?

Now that the harsh and grey winter months are hopefully behind us, we can indulge in nourishing deeply our locks for the nicer and warmer days ahead of us.

We can start preparing our hair to be supple and irresistibly soft for when hats and scarves won’t no longer be necessary and feel our own self again, with great splendour.

There are great products from the main lines we carry to take care of your hair when in need of some TLC, Kerastase and Kevin Murphy always get the job done, but today we will focus on hair needing deep moisture and if your hair is severely dry-out and thicker.


The Cleanse


Bain Magistral Shampoo for Very Dry Thick Hair Salon Toronto kerastase

Bain Magistral is the fundamental answer to very dry thick hair that are in need of deep nourishment.

The technology behind it is the new 4600 PPM IRKSOME COMPLEX, the most powerful nutrition complex ever created. Gluck-Active restores the hair fiber and prevent from drying out.

Iris Rhizome is the perfect extract to avoid returning dryness of hair.

Magistral removes impurities and prepares the hair before deep conditioning. The hair left with a smooth touch, with a supple texture and shine.


The Conditioning Treatment



Fondant Magistral is definitive choice for whomever needs that really extra kick to re-hydrate hair even out of winter months.

Leaves the hair incredibly easy to detangle, extremely supple and with a soft luscious touch.

Hair manageability is restored and shiny.

Highly recommended for all severely dry-out, thick hair.


Intense Masque Therapy


Hair Mask Masque Dry Hair Salon Toronto

Treat yourself to a weekly masque. Masquintense is specifically designed for dry hair that need the most nourishment, highly concentrated.

“Masquintense was the first mask for hair invented in 1980, and has been improved to remain the best nourishing mask I know.” Hervé Weber – Chief of Technology and Science Information of Kerastase France.


  • Deeply nourishing hair mask with the highest concentration of Irisome

  • Nourishes the hair fibre with nutrients essential to its radiance and shine

  • Maintain a perfect nutrition level across time of the hair fiber

  • Keeps hair bright and soft with a supple and light touch

  • Protects the fibers against oxidization

  • Easier hair detangling.