How to Take Care of Blonde Hair Safely

How to Take Care of Blonde Hair Safely


Blonde hair is famous for its radiance, lustre, and beauty. You can achieve a stunning appearance with the best blonde hairstyles. However, the drawback is that you may need to invest time and effort into its upkeep. Blonde hair requires regular maintenance, although the hair care routine isn’t complicated once you get used to it.

Blonde hair is more porous, which means it’s likely to absorb various contaminants in the environment. Your hair may be susceptible to damage from dirt, dust, pollution, or changing temperatures. In addition, your hair may react sensitively to some products with specific ingredients. If your blonde hair becomes damaged, it loses the healthy glow and won’t look as bright or vibrant. You should seek hair salon treatments to reverse the damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to stop your hair from reaching a damaged condition. A steady hair maintenance routine can keep the golden locks shiny, healthy, and hydrated. Check out these best practices for how to take care of blonde hair:


How to wash blonde hair 

Learn how to wash blonde hair properly.


Cold washing does wonders for blonde hair. Rinsing your hair with cold water seals the cuticles and locks moisture in the strands. If you wash your hair every day, it’s best to cleanse with warm water. For the final rinse, switch to cold water for a few seconds.

Sometimes, the hardness of the water at home can affect your hair’s texture and appearance. Hard water contains more calcium and dissolved minerals, including chlorine. As you wash with hard water, it causes buildup in your hair over time. The buildup interferes with the effectiveness of the cleansing agents. To counter this, you can invest in a shower head that filters these harmful mineral deposits from the water.


Best shampoo for blonde hair 

Use the best shampoo for blonde hair.


Avoid shampooing your blonde hair daily. Shampoo strips the hair from its natural oils, making it drier and brittle. If you’re using products with harsh ingredients, you may cause more damage to your hair. Instead of shampooing daily, switch to detergent-free shampoos as an alternative. Only use regular shampoos once or twice a week. Doing this helps retain the hair’s natural oils and moisturizes the hair from the inside out.

If you must wash your hair daily, try using dry shampoo between washes. A good dry shampoo is one without aerosol and alcohol. Also, choose a product with natural extracts and oils. These ingredients minimize oiliness from dirt while keeping the hair fresh. Another benefit of dry shampooing is that it boosts the hair’s volume.


Best products for blonde hair

Use the best products for blonde hair.


Since blonde hair is more porous, it becomes penetrable when dry. Smoke, dirt, or debris in the environment can affect the quality and colour of blonde hair. To prevent this, use moisturizing products for blonde hair. Look for moisturizing shampoos that contain essential oils and natural extracts. These ingredients are helpful since they clean the hair without stripping away the natural protective coating. The best moisturizers will leave you with hair that is conditioned and soft.

In addition, you should also tone your hair regularly with a hairstylist. A tint of toner can keep your hair in its cool natural tones. It also counters any brassiness and yellowing. Your hairstylist will work with you to ensure your blonde hair stays bright, vibrant, and healthy.

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Take care of blonde hair in the sun and heat

Take care of your blonde hair by protecting it from the sun and heat.


Sun damage will happen on any hair colour and type, but light-coloured hair is especially prone to risks. You can wear a hat or a scarf to shield your blonde hair during sweltering, sunny days. During the winter months, a beanie would be extremely helpful to keep the hair away from the sun. Plus, the hat keeps your head warm! A wide-brimmed hat with an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) can deflect harmful rays from your hair and skin.

Similarly, never skip heat protection. Avoid using hot styling tools, such as curling irons, straighteners, and dryers, whenever possible. They can cause additional dryness, frizz, damage, and breakage to your blonde hair. When using these tools, it’s best to apply some form of heat protection beforehand. Protect your hair against UV light and heat as much as possible.


Chlorine and blonde hair

Take care of your blonde hair by protecting it from chlorine.


The chlorine from swimming pools is another significant concern for blonde hair. Chlorine can turn your blonde hair green while stripping away its natural oils. The result is a dry, flaky scalp with brittle hair strands.

Whenever possible, avoid chlorinated water. If you often swim, wear a swimming cap. Also, ensure you rinse your hair thoroughly before and after getting into the pool. Doing this helps minimize chlorine absorption and protects your hair from chlorine damage.