How to Use a Curling Wand

Are you looking for a new and creative way to style your hair? If so, a curling wand may be the perfect tool for you! A curling wand is a device similar to a curling iron, but instead of clamping down on the hair like a curling iron does, the curling wand has a cylindrical shape that allows you to wrap your hair around the wand for more defined curls. This blog post will provide an in-depth tutorial on using a curling wand to achieve the perfect curls.

Choose the Right Barrel Size and Heat Setting

When choosing the right size barrel for your curling wand, it’s essential to consider the length and thickness of your hair. If you have short hair, a smaller barrel size is best, while longer or thicker hair will require a larger barrel size. It’s also important to consider the type of curl you are trying to achieve. Smaller barrels are best for tighter curls, while larger barrels are better for loose waves. Once you’ve determined the best barrel size for your hair, you can select the proper heat setting for your curling wand.

Fine or Thin Hair – Choose a lower heat setting on the wand. This will help avoid damaging your delicate strands. Fine or thin hair should typically be curled at around 300-350°F.

Medium Textured Hair – Use a heat setting somewhere in the middle. For medium-textured hair, try using a temperature of around 350-400°F.

Thick or Coarse Hair – This may require the highest heat setting on the wand. Thick or coarse hair usually must be curled at a temperature of 400-450°F. Always remember to use the lowest heat setting possible for your hair type to reduce the risk of damaging your hair. You may also want to experiment with different heat settings and techniques until you find the best one.

Protect Your Hair

Before using a curling wand, it’s essential to protect your hair. Heat damage is one of the biggest risks of using any heated styling tool, so use a heat-protectant spray or serum before styling. Look for products with ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, or shea butter to help coat the strands and minimize damage from the heat. If you have especially delicate or coloured hair, consider investing in a product specifically for heat protection. You can also opt for an all-in-one styler that includes heat-protectant properties.

Wrap Small Sections Around the Barrel

Once you have chosen the right barrel size and heat setting and have taken steps to protect your hair, it’s time to start curling!

Take a small section of hair and hold it away from the scalp. If your wand has a clamp, you can use it to secure the hair in place as you curl. It is essential not to take too large sections, as the curls won’t turn out as well. The smaller the section of hair, the tighter the curl will be.

Hold the barrel vertically as you wrap your hair around it and hold. This ensures that the curls are not flattened, as if the wand was held horizontally. With the wand pointed downwards, wrap a section of your hair around the barrel and slide the wand up to the roots. Hold the hair in place on the barrel for around 10 seconds before releasing.

Leave the ends out. You should not wrap the last inch or so of hair around the barrel. This will help prevent your hair from getting burned and help create a softer, more natural-looking curl.

Finish with Hairspray

Once you’re done curling your hair with the wand, set your style by finishing with a layer of hairspray. Hairspray helps lock in the curls and ensures they last throughout the day. It also helps keep flyaways in place and adds shine to your hairstyle. Hold the can 8-10 inches away from your hair and spray in short bursts. Avoid spraying too close to the hair and ensure not to use too much hairspray. Once your hair is lightly coated, you should be good to go!

Using a curling wand is a great way to add some oomph to your hair, but it can be intimidating if you’re not used to it. However, with the proper technique and some practice, you can achieve stunning curls that will turn heads wherever you go. Whether you’re going for loose waves or tight ringlets, a curling wand is a versatile tool that can help you create various styles. So why not give it a try? Follow our guides and tips, and you’ll be a curling wand pro in no time!