Infuse your hair with precious oils

Your hair colour a confidence statement

Winter is the time when our hair suffers the most, dryness, harsh weather, hats, toques you name it.

It is also the time that we spent most hours of our day inside and therefore, what is better than turning on the fireplace, open a bottle of our favourite red wine, read one our favourite novels wrapped in a silk robe and take care of our locks.

As the laboratories of Recherche Avancee of L’Oreal Professionnel – Kerastase Division recommends, the best way to revitalize our hair during winter is to infuse them with precious oils.

Precious oils contribute to a healthy hair grow, thanks to their high-level of OMEGA-3 fatty acids, but they oils also create a protective barrier shielding your hair from external damages.

Natural oils such as Almond Oil, Walnut Oil and Coriander Oil will provide dry and fragile hair with boosted strength and high shine levels.

Grape Seed Oil and Cranberry Oil will further boost regeneration and an intensive anti-oxidant action, leaving hair softer, lighter, fully nourished and more flexible.

The combination of precious oils such as Camellia Oil, Pracaxi Oil, Argan Oil and Maize Sprouts Oil further strengthen their known qualities such as added shine, resistance, protection and hair nutrition.




Experience perfect hair throughout the day with the new touch up gesture of the Sérum Solide portable oil balm to have your every hair needs met from AM to PM.

With its chic packaging the Sérum Solide acts as the perfect purse accessory, with easy access for instant touch-ups.



Let the solid serum melt between your fingertips and apply the tiniest amount of this concentrated hair balm to any hairstyle for the most amazing shine and lustrous finish.

Keep in your purse as a quick-fix touch up to hair exposed to humidity or air-conditioned environments throughout the day and remember – a small amount of the balm melted between your fingertips goes a long way to fix frizzy or dull hair.

To wake up with beautiful and nourished hair, massage a small amount of the Sérum Solide to any sensitized area overnight and cover your hair with a scarf for optimum penetration.




Versatile Beautifying Oil enriched with Oléo-Complexe for all hair types; made with four precious oils: Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi. With just a few drops hair is transformed, adding silky, weightless shine.

Used as a pre-cleanser to prepare hair for shampoo, hair is instantly nourished and visibly regenerated. Applied before and after styling, hair is incredibly supple, protected and glows with shine.



The alchemy of four precious oils to beautify hair. The secret of magnificent hair is revealed.
With a few drops of Elixir Ultime, hair is transformed into silky, weightless matter.

Applied before styling, hair is incredibly supple and protected.
Applied as a finishing touch, hair glows with shine.
Each day, it becomes a new daily essential for beauty routine.



▪ Before blow-drying
Applied on the towel-dried hair before the blow-drying Elixir Ultime facilitates the styling, optimizes the hold.
Application: Take 2 pumps of the product and distribute it throughout the lengths till the ends of the hair.

▪ Finishing touch
Elixir Ultime gives the hair radiance, shine and luminosity.
Application: Take 1 pump of the product and apply the oil working through the lengths till the ends.

▪ Daily Essential
Perfect as a daily beauty essential Elixir Ultime protects the hair from the daily aggressions, nourishes the fiber and sublimates it with the incredible shine.
Application: Take 1 or 2 pumps of the product and apply the oil working through the lengths till the ends of the hair.