Introducing Iles Formula

Introducing Iles Formula. The all natural, vegan and sustainable luxury hair care line created by celebrity hairstylist Wendy Iles over the course of 10 years of research for the perfect ingredients.

Not many hair stylists can unsheathe a squadron of clients celebrities as much as Wendy can.

Wendy Iles is the internationally acclaimed celebrity hairstylist responsible for creating iconic looks as seen on the world’s most prestigious magazine covers, A-list celebrities and global campaigns for luxury fashion and beauty houses such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermès and Skims by Kim Kardashian.

Over the course of her 4 decades in the industry, Wendy’s philosophy has always been firmly rooted in hair health.

In an industry that asks models are for a bleached out straight hair look on the set of a campaign, and the next hour switching to a pitch black curly do. Wendy needed something that effectively yet rapidly will give the hair versatility and manageability while injecting a rapid healthy boost to preserve its integrity.

This passion for healthy hair, combined with her tireless quest to find formulas to boost hair recovery, led her to create Iles Formula.


Wendy spent over a decade searching the globe to find powerful ingredient blends and complexes that would provide instant results for her high-profile clientele. What began as an onset hair secret is now available to you all thanks to the insistence of her celebrity clients.

Wendy continues to juggle an A-list celebrity clientele together with the demands of being the artistic director and driving force behind Iles Formula.

Wendy holds a Hollywood Beauty Award for her 'Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling'


Wendy holds a Hollywood Beauty Award for her ‘Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling’.


Iles Formula‘s 3 hair products – The Heroes

“I have never been interested in launching endless new products for the sake of boosting numbers; it’s unnecessary, causes confusion and is wasteful. Formulate less and do it extremely well.”

Minimalism that meets maximum performance is a breath of fresh air in an over saturated haircare market.

Wendy’s high performance formulas that phenomenally nurture hair are available in simply 3 main steps/products:

Step 1 – Cleanse – Shampoo Haite Performance 

Step 2 – Repair – Conditioner Haute Performance 

Step 3 – Protect – Finishing Serum


Step 1

The Haute Perfomance Shampoo


This free of sulfates, parabens and silicones 5.50 – 6.50 ph shampoo cleanses without stripping colour or drying the hair out.

Just one shampoo and you will immediately feel the bounce and muster in your hair.

The secret to the shampoo is to add more water and not more product in order to activate the bubbles to be engulfed in an indulgent lather. Rinse well. As sulfate free shampoos can make the hair very heavy if not rinsed out well.

Naturally nourishing, Active Vegetal Extracts help restitute dull hair, leaving it sumptuously lustrous.

Vitamin B5 penetrates deeply the hair to deliver unparalleled moisture to thirsty strands whilst increasing pliability. As a result hair is left reinforced to withstand breakage, full of bouncy and weightless volume.

Panthotenic Acid is added to restore the hair shaft resulting in an incredible movement and silk-like texture.

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Step 2 

The Haute Perfomance Conditioner


This is the jewel of the Iles Formula range. It repairs and conditions instantly, on contact with the hair. 

Apply to mid-lengths and ends, then comb through for even distribution.

When rinsing long hair, rinse the roots and cut away the ends (in order to avoid the rinse out shampoo from the roots adding onto the ends) and then lightly rinse the ends.

The Haute Performance Conditioner has an exclusive formulation that prevents hair breakage by not generating a buildup of residues.

High performing sustainable ingredients include Tucuma Palm, seeds of Macrobola Tree that are procured in Brazil from the Amazon Rainforest. Other 16 proprietary ingredients include Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 for a total hair rejuvenation.

Silk from Japan gives the hair immediate opulent and voluminous effect with its smoothing properties. 

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Step 3

The Haute Performance Finishing Serum


The Iles Formula Finishing Serum is your hair’s best protector.

The most used serum from hair stylist on professional photo and film shoots. It’s where most of Wendy Iles’s huge celebrity following first tried Iles Formula.

There are 2 ways to use the serum, the dry hair version and the wet hair version.

Apply small amounts to mid lengths and ends before blow drying or using heated tools, comb through for even distribution.

On very long hair you can apply section by section as you blow dry especially to the ends of the hair to help slow down split ends.

The Iles Formula Finishing Serum can be applied everyday if you wish, it will never weight the hair down.

It’s perfect to use for all ages and for all hair types (although for curly hair, you might want to try the Curl Revive that was specifically created for curls).

Protects the hair from heat damage, UV rays, humidity and it keeps the integrity of your hair colour.

Delivers an organic memory + spun silk suppleness to the hair.

Doesn’t need to be followed by any other styling products, works great for all kind of styling on its own.

A custom blend of ingredients sustainably sourced include vitamins, nut oils, silk and ceramide. It will nurture the hair with nothing but goodness.

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For curly hair, please try the Iles Formula Haute Performance Curl Revive, which was specifically created for curly hair.

Head over to Shamas Boutique to know more about Curl Revive

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