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Everything there is to know before you get your keratin treatment at our location in downtown Toronto.

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Keratin is a natural protein that is a structural component of hair, skin and nails.

It can be defined as the component that form the “bricks” of skin cells.

After periods of heavy stress or long exposure to the sun, sea salt, like when you are going to a prolonged vacation, your poor hair can begin to show signs of dullness and frizziness.



What is the Keratin Treatment? What it does to the hair?

keratin treatment toronto bottles of keratin hair products

The Peter Coppola Keratin Treatment is a Keratin Smoothing and Refinishing treatment that:

  • reverses the signs of damage;

  • promotes hair strength and vitality;

  • restorative boost and hair protection;

  • soften and smooth coarse hair;

  • drastically reduces frizz;

  • free of formaldehyde and aldehydes making it safe for all hair type;

  • restores and volumizes hair giving a younger texture


The best solution for frizzy, unruly and damaged hair is a keratin treatment done right here in Toronto with only the best type of keratin and products.

keratin treatment toronto

If you have already tried other keratin treatments in Toronto, you probably went through a long series of adventures and misadventures, with salons that promise results that cannot be achieved or treatments that don’t last or made with poor quality ingredients.

Why do we need a keratin treatment professionally done if our hair is already made of keratin naturally?

Keratin regulates the structure of our hair but, unfortunately for us, it tends to decrease with age and after chemical services like hair colouring, bleaching and lighteners.

As we already stated above, stress and environmental conditions, may worse the hair’s health, it is in cases like this that really helps the use of more specific treatments, such as the Keratin Treatment – Keratin Treatment by Peter Coppola.

We can find a moltitude of keratin products on the market, even at our favourite drugstore.

From shampoos to hair masks, up to the do-it-yourself treatments, there are plenty.


However, for long-lasting, quality and beautiful results, as well as safe, it is best to contact a professional salon that is qualified and uses only top notch products.


What to do after the treatment is done, to maintain and prolong the lasting effects of the Keratin?


Having the treatment done in salon is only step 1.

It takes around 3 hours of work by a qualified stylist, a monetary investment and a little bit of patience.

Therefore maintaining at home the treatment with selected products with high-quality standards ingredients it is absolutely necessary.


keratin treatment toronto products by kerastase anti frizz fluifity smoothness

A sulfate-free shampoo, a good leave-in treatment anti-frizz and a smoothing conditioner are a must have once the treatment is done.

A weekly smoothing keratin masque as well.

Blow dry your hair at home?

A sulfate-Free heat protector like Keratine Thermique by Kerastase before your styling tools are on, advised 100%.

heat protector keratine thermique kerastase after keratin treatment toronto

The best line that serves this purpose is the DISCIPLINE LINE by Kerastase.


discipline line kerastase products after keratin treatment toronto hair salon

Before and After picture of Keratin Treatment Toronto at our location:


keratin treatment toronto before and after treatment done at our location downtown toronto Tony Shamas hair & laser

How long does the Keratin Treatment Last?

The treatment and can last up to three months or more. Depending on the type and texture of your hair, and if you follow all after-care instructions and use only high-quality sulfate-free shampoos at home.


How long does the Keratin Treatment Lasts?

Our Keratin Treatment by Peter Coppola lasts up to 10-16 weeks if Shampoo and Conditioner recommended by your hair stylist are purchased and used on regular basis.


Do I need to get my Hair Colour Before or After the Treatment?

It is recommended to get your colour done 1 week after you keratin treatment has been completed or at least 3 days after the treatment has been done as you will need to wait at least 48/72 hours in order to be able to wash your hair and use any elastic bands or hair clips in your hair.


Do I need to get my Haircut Before or After the Treatment?

It is recommended that you get your haircut after the treatment, as the texture of treated hair will be different.



When is it Safe to Wash the hair After the Treatment?

It is a must that you wait at least 72 hours before getting your hair washed. Avoiding swimming after the treatment is necessary for prolonging the lasting effects and benefits, but also it is necessary to wait at least 72 hours.

If your hair gets wet during the 72 hour, immediately blow dry the wet area and use a flat iron all over the area.



Can I use hair bands or hair clips after the treatment or I have to wait?

It is necessary to wait 72 hours prior using any bands or clips as could leave an impressions on the hair, and it would be necessary to flat iron again the area immediately after.



How Much Does The Keratin Treatment Cost?

Using only high-quality Keratin, from Keratin Treatment by Peter Coppola, formaldehyde-free and aldehydes-free, a qualified hair stylist and around 2h:30m to 3 hours of work, the treatment costs $490.00+tax and it can go up to $560.00+tax if your hair requires the use of extra product.


How to schedule an appointment?

Call us at 416-941-9915 and schedule your appointment for Keratin Treatment.

A deposit of a percentage of the cost of treatment, $195.00+tax ($220.35), is mandatory in order to reserve your appointment (you will be able to simply leave your credit card number over the phone).

If you prefer to schedule the appointment ON-LINE, as stylists you can choose between TIANNA DIEL or AMBER ASHEM. Please, REMEMBER to leave:

YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER + YOUR CREDIT CARD EXPIRATION DATE in the comments feild during the online booking process or

send us an email right after the online booking with these informations in order for your booking to be processed and to reserve your spot.


If would prefer to talk to a specialist before booking,  come in for a 15 minutes FREE-Consultation.

You can reserve your FREE-Consultation online under the service “Hair Consultation” or over the phone simply by calling 416-941-9915