Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Regimen: feel good factor

Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Regimen: feel good factor

Step into the weekend pampering yourself from the scalp down with the new Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa hair products line.


Kevin Murphy Scalp Spa Hair Products Canada


Blaming your strands for build-up or a lacklustre appearance? Think again.

Your scalp may actually be the key to kicking off every day with a good hair day. Did you know that luxurious hair always starts from the scalp?

Thanks to this new regimen and all the four steps in detail on how to get your hair from being dull and lifeless to achieve your hair goals – which we are sure include softness, shine and overall looking fabulous – we are sure you’ll be able to get to where your hair want to be.

SCALP.SPA, featuring micellar technology, gently attracts and dissolves impurities without stripping the skin from it’s natural oils.

SCALP.SCRUB, purifies and detoxifies your scalp. Uniquely designed to scrub away impurities from your scalp and hair follicle to facilitate optimal scalp for healthy hair and hair growth. Safe to be used on all hair types, it is perfectly able to gently be used on your body.


Here the 4 steps to a perfect self pampering hair wash

Begin by applying SCALP.SPA SCRUB to wet hair and use fingertips to gently massage in circular motions to remove all of the impurities and enliven the scalp.

Next, rinse and follow with SCALP.SPA WASH.

Designed to soothe and cleanse, SCALP.SPA WASH leaves the hair and scalp feeling hydrated and restored.

Finish with the WASH and RINSE of your choice, style as usual with your favourite hair products.


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