Long Hair Must Care

long hair must care what to use and to do for long hair toronto salon tony shamas hair laser

Long hair takes both dedication and patience: it’s luxury.

We love the countless possibilities that your style can be transformed into when you have long hair and we are sure you do too.

Sometimes though, we feel like the care we put into them resembles more of a challenge: so much effort, not many results.

What kind of care ritual people with long hair must follow to keep them healthy and live stress free?


Do not brush your long hair when they are still wet.

Your hair is always more fragile and sensitive while wet, especially long hair. Drying them a bit before using the brush is a must !


Try to Reduce Friction while sleeping

A good percentage of breakage and damage is done by friction, usually while sleeping.

Using a silk or satin pillowcase and putting the hair in a braid before bed, can reduce friction drastically.


Shampoo and Conditioner for long hair

beautiful long hair highlights tony shamas hair salon toronto

What are the must have products – shampoo and conditioner – for long hair?

We need ones that do not strip away the natural oils from your hair and scalp, and that will reduce the frizziness from your luscious long hair.


Shampoo: Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate-Free

Bain Fluidealiste Sulphate Free long hair salon toronto kerastase tony shamas hair laser

Bain Fluidealiste by Kerastase gently – contains no sulphates – cleanses and supplies evenly distributed care without weighing down the hair, and keeps frizziness away.


Conditioner: Fondant Fluidealiste

fondant fluidealiste kerastase salon toronto long hair tony shamas hair laser

Fondant Fluidealiste by Kerastase contains an ultra-perfecting formula in creamy fluid texture. It is to be used after Bain Fluidealiste shampoo.

It wraps the surface of every hair with a protective film while working at the heart of the fiber to provide suppleness, nutrition and strength.

The transformation is immediate. Once rinsed and dried, the hair is stronger, shiny and beautifully fluid.


Keep Up with the Trims

trim ends and split ends of long hair often to keep it healthy at tony shamas hair laser salon toronto

It may surprise you but a great way to keep your long hair healthy is to trim ends or split ends frequently. Keep it fresh!


Styling Long Hair: Hair Resort

Hair Resort by Kevin Murphy is perfect if you want to recreate a sexy beach look. Contains no Parabens, gives a  strong hold volumiser, Works in seconds.


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