Long Lasting Protection Against Humidity and Frizz

Long Lasting Protection Against Humidity and Frizz

During cold winter days like the ones we are experiencing this January, that is serving us with a mix of taste from all the season from mother nature: snow, heavy winds, lots of rain but little sporadic sunshine, protection and nourishment for our hair is urgently needed.

Intensive helps comes from one of our all time favourite hair masks from Kérastase Discipline line: MASKERATINE.

Protection Against Humidity and Frizz

Created with the intend of extra manageability, fluidity and extra shine, it is enriched with MORPHO-KERATINE.

A synthetic type of Keratin created in laboratory that simulates the same proteins already present in your hair fiber.

The Morpho-Keratine restores the integrity of the hair, specially if processed with colour, chemical services or even just lots of daily brushing and the use of styling tools.

It is ideal to better control your styling routine, thanks to the extra manageability it will offer your hair after application of at least 5-10 minutes once or twice a week or as needed (instead of conditioner) if you hair is quite long and / or coarse.

Repairing the hair from inside out, this masque is a rich and luxurious special treat and is most likely to become your new best friend for a relaxing weekly night-in-date.

You hair will feel soft, light and with great texture and easier to manage after rinsing.