Mela & Kera Available at Tony Shamas Toronto

Mela and Kera Haircare shampoo and conditioner

Mela & Kera has officially launched at Tony Shamas and is now available in our Toronto hair salon and online boutique at

The House of Mela & Kera was founded by hairstylist Jason Lee in 2016. Already deemed the New Cult Classic, and the best shampoo for Balayage Hair, Mela & Kera leaves an instant indelible mark on the world of professional luxury haircare.

Made with only the most premium ingredients, their formulas are brimming with carefully selected exclusive botanicals sourced from across the world and renowned for their precious regenerative properties.

The name is a short for melanin (the pigments responsible for hair colour) and keratin (the protein that gives hair its gloss and structure), the name Mela & Kera is a tribute to the fundamentals of healthy, vibrant hair.


The Formulation – What does it do?

Each Mela & Kera formula is designed with the purpose to surpass the industry gold standard in both style and substance.

Poised on the cutting edge of modern technology, every high-performance product is formulated to deliver on its promise of hair that is healthy, luxurious and full of youthful movement.

Made with only the most premium ingredients, Mela & Kera formulas are brimming with rare and exclusive botanicals sourced from across the globe and renowned for their legendary regenerative powers.

The Scent – Why we love it?

The whisper soft composition opens with the fresh, sparkling top notes of Lemon, White Peach and Green Apple.

Revealing a delicate floral heart of Orange Blossom and Muguet, the radiant bouquet evolves into a light and enticing signature scent that lingers with hints of Cedarwood, Musk and Amber… Yummy!


The Haircare Products Line Up

Best Shampoo for Balayage

Mela and Kera Balayage Exceptionnel Shampoo

Discover why the Balayage Exceptionnel Shampoo by Mela & Kera is the ultimate choice for nourishing balayaged and highlighted hair, and here is why in 4 points:

1. Exquisite Restoration:

This shampoo isn’t just about cleansing; it’s a luxurious treatment designed to breathe life into your locks.

With a focus on revitalizing roots, smoothing ends, and enhancing overall radiance, it’s tailored to meet the specific needs of colour-treated hair.


2. Transformative Balayage Complex:

Mela & Kera’s proprietary balayage complex is the heart of this shampoo.

Carefully curated for balayaged or highlighted hair, it’s a blend of potent ingredients that work in harmony to restore vitality, combat brittleness, and impart a lustrous finish.


3. Revitalizing Efficacy:

Say goodbye to the woes of over-processed hair. This shampoo goes beyond superficial cleansing, delving deep to transform brittle strands into silky-smooth tresses.

It strengthens hair from within, ensuring a resilient texture and an enviable softness that feels like velvet to the touch.


4. Assured Quality:

Rest easy knowing that this shampoo meets the highest standards.

It’s EU Compliant, ensuring safety and efficacy, while also being color and keratin safe.

Plus, it’s cruelty-free and vegan, reflecting Mela & Kera’s commitment to ethical and responsible practices.


In essence, the Balayage Exceptionnel Shampoo isn’t just a hair care product—it’s a transformative experience that elevates your hair to new heights of beauty and health.


Best Conditioner for Dry Hair

Balayage Exceptionnel Mela and Kera Conditioner

Experience the ultimate hydration and restoration for your dry hair with the Balayage Exceptionnel Conditioner by Mela & Kera. Here’s why it stands out as the best conditioner for dry locks:

1. Hydrating Powerhouse:

Infused with powerful proteins and botanicals, this conditioner is specifically designed to rebalance and nourish hair fibers that have been treated with balayage, highlights, or multi-tonal colour.

It’s a hydration boost that parched hair craves.


2. Balanced Hydration:

While roots retain a light, airy lift and healthy volume, the ends are enveloped in the smoothness and brilliance akin to the finest silk. This conditioner ensures that every inch of your hair receives the moisture it needs, restoring balance and vitality from root to tip.


3. Effortless Detangling:

Bid farewell to the frustration of tangled locks.

This conditioner effortlessly detangles hair from root to tip, making combing and styling a breeze.

Say hello to smooth, manageable hair with every wash.


4. Repair and Protection:

It’s not just about hydration; this conditioner also seals frayed cuticles and split ends, improving hair uniformity and texture.

With regular use, it rebuilds and strengthens damaged hair, significantly reducing breakage and protecting your locks from further damage.


5. Amplified Softness and Shine:

Experience hair that’s not just moisturized but amplified in its softness and shine.

This conditioner replenishes moisture and seals it in, leaving your locks looking and feeling luxuriously soft, with a radiant shine that turns heads.


6. Tailored for Dry Hair:

While perfect for balayaged and highlighted hair, this conditioner is particularly suited for dry locks in need of intensive hydration and repair.

It’s a tailored solution that understands and addresses the unique needs of dry hair, making it the perfect choice for restoring health and beauty to your locks.


In essence, the Balayage Exceptionnel Conditioner by Mela & Kera isn’t just a conditioner—it’s a transformative treatment that nourishes, hydrates, and repairs, leaving your dry hair looking and feeling its absolute best.


Best Volumizing Conditioner

Mela Kera Touche Velours Volumizing Shampoo

Discover the ultimate volumizing solution with Touche Velours Conditioner by Mela & Kera:

  • Lightweight yet deeply moisturizing for opulent softness.
  • Infused with powerful botanicals for weightless moisture.
  • Detangles effortlessly for easy styling.
  • Provides instant weightless hydration.
  • Restores lustrous shine and youthful movement.
  • Repairs and strengthens hair, preventing breakage.
  • Leaves hair velvety soft with a touch of volume.
  • EU Compliant, Colour Safe, Keratin Safe, Cruelty Free, and Vegan.


Best New Blowout Creme

Mela Kera Balayage Blowout Creme

Discover the unrivaled perfection of the Mela & Kera Balayage Exceptionnel Blowout Crème:

Crafted for flawless hair styling, effortlessly falling into place.
It shields from heat styling while leaving hair with a radiant glow.

Thanks to the exclusive balayage complex, it is ideal for highlighted or balayaged hair.
Blonde locks are transformed from brittle, over-processed hair into silky strength with a velvety soft finish.

Benefits in deteail:

– Weightless protection against heat and UV rays.
– Hydrates and seals cuticles for a flawless blow dry.
– Guards against breakage for damage-free blowouts.
– Increases shine, softness, and smoothness releasing a smooth texture for easy detangling.
– Retains moisture for long-lasting hydration while aligning hair fibers for a beautifully styled, vibrant look.
– Strengthens, repairs, and prevents breakage while provides colour fade protection.