OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment

Introducing the new OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment in Toronto at Tony Shamas.

The new professional in-salon only Olaplex treatment that eliminates damaging impurities, hard water, mineral, and product build up.

OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment Toronto

The new Olaplex Chelating Treatment offers professional strength, cleans your hair down to the cortex.

Conquer product build up with the latest addition to the iconic bond-building system that made the Olaplex line, a must have and favourite between hairstylist and consumers alike all around the globe.

A professional use only (in salon only) treatment that just launched today and aims to revolutionize once again the hair industry.


Olaplex Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment Texture Toronto


What it the Olaplex Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment?


An in-salon only, cortex-deep purifying treatment that removes all buildup in the hair to elevate all in salon service results.



What does the new Olaplex Chelating Treatment accomplish?


OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment is now available in Toronto at your favourite hair salon. What does it do? It purifies hair down to the cortex to remove any product buildup, oil, hard water, minerals, chlorine, heavy metals, pollutants, medications, and discolouring iron and copper deposits that can possibly turn your lightening services (highlights and balayage) on the brassy side! Ever wondered why your hair pulls so much red?

All of this without stripping your hair away of its moisture and all the essential proteins.

A powerful, non-sudsing Broad Spectrum Chelating Blend enriched with Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum Extract from Australia, creates a clean hair slate to enhance the results of other chemical services (lifting, global bleach, highlights, balayages etc…) that can be really compromised by buildup. Not just lifting services but also  keratin treatments, colour applications, and perms.

The already known and proven formula for the OLAPLEX Bond Building Technology™ maintains strong hair bonds during treatment so your hair looks and feels healthier after chelation.


No need to mix the formula, as it comes already ready and easy to use, eliminates preparation time and leftovers or residues. The treatment is washed out from the hair at the sink.

Heat is optional and can be added to your treatment. Adding heat (hair dryer) will accelerate and intensify chelating effects for guests who need it.


Olaplex Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment in Salon Toronto


How does the in-salon treatment works?


  1. We will pre-cleanse your hair with Olaplex No.4C Clarifying Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

  2. We will then apply to your hair in sections using both palms, saturating evenly. The treatment will be let on process for about 15-30 minutes depending on hair texture and amount of buildup. Heat will be applied if needed to intensify effects.

  3. The treatment will be rinsed out completely, then a regular shampoo application with the stylist of your choice shampoo and condition with the Moisture Mask.

  4. Continue with salon services, blow-out or haircut, if applicable.



What are the benefits of the new Olaplex Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment?


  • Promotes vibrant color & consistent lightening results

  • Allows better penetration and efficacy of all chemical services

  • Brightens hair & minimizes discoloration

  • Restores shine & softness

  • Revives body, bounce, and manageability

  • Refreshes and soothes the scalp

Olaplex Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment Bottle Back


What the ingredients in the Olaplex Chelating Treatment?

OLAPLEX Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment Ingredients

You can book your treatment online or by calling us at 416-941-9915, or by sending an email: info@tonyshamas.ca

Our address is TONY SHAMAS, 81 Jarvis St, Toronto (ON) M5C 2H4 – In the heart of downtown Toronto St Lawrence Market neighbourhood.