OLAPLEX n.6 Bond Smoother now in Toronto


The wait is finally over, OLAPLEX n.6 Bond Smoother is now available in Toronto, at TONY SHAMAS hair & laser.


What does Olaplex No. 6 do? 


Olaplex n.6 is a new leave-in bond smoother from the OLAPLEX family. A styling cream with reparative properties that aims to eliminate frizz, protect all hair types and hydrate your locks. If you want to take your hair from drab to fab – Olaplex n.6 can help.

Their patented and proven technology formula, strengthens and repairs all hair types and level of damage, with the same active reparative ingredients from the most popular OLAPLEX in salon treatment. Say goodbye to split ends and dry, damaged hair and hello to soft, manageable hair.






How do you use Olaplex with No. 6?  


  • First, protect your hair from breaking in salon while getting highlights, balayage or global scalp bleach in salon with OLAPLEX n.1 and OLAPLEX N.2. 


  • Follow up with at home care with OLAPLEX n.3 hair smoothing treatment for minimum 10 minutes – leave all night for maximum results, rinse the treatment 


  • Apply OLAPLEX n.4 Shampoo, followed by OLAPLEX n.5 conditioner.  


  • Rinse completely and add a very small amount from the mid-lengths down of OLAPLEX n.6 before style or blow-dry your hair – or let dry naturally. 


  • You can apply the leave-in Olaplex n.6 also to dry hair from mid-length to ends, comb the product through and style, or let air dry. 



FEATURES AND BENEFITS OLAPLEX n.6 in Toronto hair salon


How often should you use Olaplex No 6? 

Olaplex No. 6 can be used daily on wet and dry hair. However, the effects of No. 6 work up to 72 hours. This means you likely don’t need to use this hair smoothing treatment unless you wash your hair with shampoo every single day.  


Consider Purchasing Olaplex No 6 at Tony Shamas in Toronto 

There’s a reason why so many celebrities swear by OlaplexThis highly concentrated hair smoothing treatment is perfect for all hair types and will eliminate flyaways and frizz for up to 72 hours.  


Other benefits of Olaplex’s range of products are: 

  • Vegan 
  • Colour safe 
  • Sulfate-free 


You can find OLAPLEX n.6 with all other ranges of Olaplex products at our location in downtown Toronto at:

TONY SHAMAS hair & laser

81 Jarvis Street (NE corner of Jarvis St and Adelaide St)


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