Perfect Beach Waves Hair with Sea Salt Spray

Perfect Beach Waves Hair with Sea Salt Spray Hair Salon Toronto Best



Sea Salt Spray are very popular right now, specially with the arrival of the summer season.

It is literally the best friend that helps when in need of creating a natural wavy hair look, without the need of any styling hot tools.

It can also turn into your worst enemy, when not used properly. Here we have written down a few tips on how to use this summer must have companion.


Please: Apply Only on Wet Hair!

For perfect beach waves hair, it is important that you apply your sea salt spray, on wet hair only.

On dry hair it will give create texture to your tresses, but it definitely won’t deliver the same results.

It is not necessary to wash your hair before the styling process begins, wet your hair enough to need a bit of towel drying then proceed with the application of the spray evenly on your locks, working it through your lengths all the way down to the ends. Scrunch and twist the hair as your are spraying.


Only Use a Tiny Amount

Applying too much of Sea Salt Spray won’t definitely give you the Sunset Boulevard desired look, it will most likely dry out your hair and make them feel heavy.

The look has to be natural and let the locks fall in a nice, effortless way.

Start by spritzing only a few pump and see how your hair feels like, specially it it’s your first time using this type of product. You can always add more if needed.

For thick hair go ahead and start by spritzing 4-5 pumps all over your locks and see how it feels, more might be needed but just take a moment to inspect your hair after crunching it up a little.

3 pumps for fine-medium hair should be enough, but add a few more if you look is not quite there yet.

Don’t forget to apply on hair evenly, without concentrating too much on just one section.


Where to Apply the Sea Salt Spray?

For really flat and fine hair, it is recommended to spritz a tiny portion of your sea salt spray starting on your roots.

This will result on dryer hair on the top, giving a bit of lift, for the perfect voluminous beach waves look.

For people with medium to thicker hair,  it can be applied mid-lengths to ends, not on the roots to avoid overpowering  them and make them dry, eliminating some of your locks natural glow.


Perfect Beach Waves Hair with Sea Salt Spray Toronto Hair SALON


How to Dry After Application?

Sptrized-it, Twist-it, Cruch-it, Feel-It. Re-Spritz-it, Re-Twist-it, Re-Cruch-it!

Now it’s time to dry it!

For the best beach waves look, it is recommended to let your hair dry on it’s own. It requires a little bit of time and patience, but it is really the best natural look, as if you, after a swim in the ocean, were just laying in the sun on your towel on the sand on a hot summer day.

If, unfortunately, you are not laying on a beach relaxing all day long, it will be necessary to dry it with a blow-dryer – no worries Spray-A-Porter by Kerastase has heat protection too – but only on low setting or cool setting, to not mess up all the hard work done up till now.

Please, do not rub your spritzed hair at any time during this process, as it will likely mess up your look. You can only dab it a little bit, while crunching and twisting again only to speed up the process, with a dry towel.


Final Touches

If, at the end to this process, you feel like some areas are a bit too crisp or feel crunchy, just apply a few pumps or a leave-in conditioner of your choice to make your lock feel a bit softer.

Great products for this are FLUDISSIME by Kerastase or UN.TANGLED by Kevin Murphy.


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