Protect your blonde highlights

protect your highlights with bain chromatique riche

After a long session in salon for refreshing your blonde highlights, it is recommended to upkeep their shine and prolong the longevity of the colour with a regime of home care.

Just a few products are necessary to make sure the colour and the health of your hair is maintain for the longest period after each visit, but the number one companion that can’t never miss in your bathroom is a good shampoo that will do the majority of the work for you.

A good shampoo should help you keep the radiance of your colour and also make sure they are protected from external factors as harsh water and UV rays.

Protect your blonde highlights with bain chromatique riche shampoo kerastase

A perfect shampoo that will cover all this purposes and much more is Bain Chromatique Riche by Kerastase.

Bain Chromatique Riche is a color radiance protecting shampoo for color-treated or highlighted hair.

Its innovative Système Capture Advanced captures pigments in the fiber.

Its chelators complex fights all color enemies including water particles, responsible for color fading.

UV Filters and Vitamin E protect from oxydative aggressions, while Rice Bran Oil nourishes the fiber to emphasize light refraction.

The color stays true and vibrant, the hair texture is sublimated.

The shampoo helps preserves shine and shimmering reflects up to 40 days.
Nourishes the hair giving a smooth and supple texture.

The Système Capture Advanced is now enriched with a chelators complex for an action on water particles, responsible for color fading.

NEW Chelators Complex:

-Sodium Citrate + Yuzu Extract & Lychee Extract:
Neutralizes water particles. Anti-deposit effect to reveal glazed shine.

-Zinc Gluconate:

Stabilizes the coloring agents in the hair shaft for a colour that remains vibrant and true for longer.

-UV Filters + Vitamin E:
A powerful blend with strong antioxidant properties that protects the colour against external aggressions.

-Rice Bran Oil:

Known for having emollient properties, it nourishes the fiber.

Its surface coating action furthermore enhances light refraction for intense shine.


How To Use:

Apply a dime-size amount to wet hair. Massage. Rinse.

Repeat if necessary.