Restore Hair Damage with a Nourishing Leave-In

Restore Hair Damage with a Nourishing Leave-In Repair Kevin Murphy Toronto


When your highlighted or balayage hair has left your locks in need of some extra TLC or you have indulged on flat ironing and curling iron a bit too much over TIFF or during the summer, a simple product for lack of moisture and hydration might not be enough.

That’s why Kevin Murphy comes to help us with a new product that not only will nourish your hair and smell absolutely amazing, but will also repair them from damage – wherever the damage-point is in your hair strands, simply by applying a leave-in light cream, that is suitable for all hair types.





Leave-in.Repair is a leave-in treatment that nourishes the hair and restore its damage targeted to the area where is most needed.

It is great to use on all hair types, and can be used in combination with REPAIR-ME.WASH and REPAIR.ME RINSE shampoo and conditioner for best results.

It makes your hair feel soft and smell great while restoring the hair damage by adding strength and reducing breakage.

Replenishes the hair without any sulphates, moisturizes and smoothes restoring the core of the hair fiber targeting the areas with most hair damage.

Some of its ingredients are: Hydrolysed Keratin: Promotes strength and re-builds hair.

Jojoba Seed Oil: Moisturising and smoothing.

Hydrolysed Green Pea Protein: Repairs, strengthens and moisturises.

Bamboo Leaf Extract: Adds natural shine and lustre.

Papain (from Papaya): Helps repair the hair and boost the potency of other ingredients.

Pelargonium Graveolens “Rose Geranium”: Contains antioxidant benefits and enhances the fragrance.