Save Your Hair and Colour: Home Care Regime

save your hair and colour: home care regime

You have spent long hours and a conspicuous amount of money at your last salon visit and your hair could not look any better but, #realitycheck #spoileralert for how long?

Are you willing to sacrifice in a little extra investment in bringing home some brand name quality hair care products to prolong the sheen, make the colour last longer and give your hair some TLC and nutrition after the in salon chemical services?

A multitude of factors contribute to the fading of colours, dullness and exhaustion of your hair like weather – sun, acid rain, dust, pollen to name a few -, low quality ingredients used in drugstores and supermarket shampoos, hard water used to wash your hair (Toronto has level 8 of grains of hardness / levels of calcium and magnesium), rinsing with HOT Water instead of cold, shampooing your hair less than 24 hours after colour services, improper UV protection, using Hot styling tools without proper heat protection, not colouring your hair regularly and so on.

So how do you maintain your colour, and make it last longer without ruining your hair with chemical products?

The answer may be easier that you expect, yes, you can use hair products, simply you just have to use the rights ones.


The new Key for lasting colour hair: Sulfate-Free

When choosing the right shampoo for coloured hair, make sure to choose one that contains no sulphates, because they tend to strip the colour away wash after wash and weaken your hair shaft, making it look dull and feel dehydrated.


What colour shampoo are recommended for long lasting results?

  • Angel.Wash by Kevin Murphy

ANGEL WASH KEVIN MURPHY TORONTOdescription of angel.wash by kevin murphy for colour treated hair color enhancing shampoo

  • Vitamino Color Soft Cleanser Sulfate-Free by L’Oreal Professionnel

vitamino color soft cleanser loreal professional hair colour saver sulphate free hair salon toronto



  • BAIN CHROMA CAPTIVE by Kerastase

bain chroma captive sulfate free color treated hair maintain colour sulfate free

Shampoo for colour-treated hair. It captures and prolongs the hair colour. It gives a deep, intense and luminous shine to your hair colour.

With the Système Capture GZTM to capture, fix, magnify the colour:
▪ Zinc Gluconate: a powerful ingredient, that ties coloring agents together by creating ionic bonds
▪ Vitamine E and UV filters: known to fight against external aggressions to protect the colour reflects
▪ Lindseed Oil: homogenizes the fiber and smoothes the cuticle supporting maximal shine