Say Good-Bye to Flat Winter Hair

The secret is in the pre-styling.


Flat Hair


If you, like the majority of women in Toronto are experiencing the flat winter hair syndrome, there is a secret we would like to share with you.

It’s Mousse Bouffante by Kerastase. The Volume Expert.

It’s a luxurious volumizing mousse that envelopes the hair fibers to thicken strands for all-over volume and body. Adds fullness and structure without weight, not stiff, flexible movement, offers UV and heat protection.

It can be simply applied all-over, from roots to ends before blow-drying.

Mousse Bouffante Kerastase

The hold is medium and flexible, so it can be reshape while styling to achieve the look you are aiming for without having to reapply. It creates all-over volume.

A nice way to start using it, its by spray a hazel-nut sized amount and by increasing the amount for an amplified volume.

Perfect for all hair types, fine, dry, curly, long and colour-treated hair.

Mousse Bouffante by Kerastase does not weigh hair down, or make it stiff. And it smells fantastic.

Holds your style for longer with a free-flowing and “alive feel”.

Great to apply all over for a denser look through the hair.

Mousse Bouffante is one of the most used products at backstage of shows, sets and by celebrity stylists.


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