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Whether you want to chop it all off or just get a new subtle look, Tony and his team of professional stylists can give you the confidence to make that choice. Our team of expert stylists, led by master stylist Tony Shamas, will take your style to a whole new level!

Whatever style you’re looking for, Tony and his team of expert stylists can oblige and exceed your expectations. Whether you’re wanting a trim, pixie cut, long or short layers, new colour or highlights, Tony Shamas is the hair salon for you. Located right in the heart of downtown Toronto, Tony’s team has over 25 years of experience in colouring, cutting and styling hair. It really is a personal revolution for those who are looking to change their style. A fresh look can improve your attitude and recharge your confidence to face the world! What are you waiting for? 

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How to refresh your balayage with a hair treatment


Even though it’s always good to do some maintenance every now and then by getting your hair trimmed, you don’t have to go all the way. But if you do want something new and exciting, we can give you the confidence to do so! Tony Shamas is proud to provide only the best of the best hair products for you to choose from.

“Thank you, Tony! I love your magic scissors! I received more compliments than ever about the colour & style of my hair!”- says Barbara Nikka – Interior Design expert at NikkaDesign in Toronto.


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We will consult with you and create the perfect plan for your new style! Some of Tony’s guests have even been relying on his hair expertise for many years. Once they’ve experienced Tony’s expert team, they never want to try another stylist or let anybody else touch their hair! Talk about being hooked!



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What makes us the best choice in Toronto for any haircut or style? While it certainly has a lot to do with technique and experience, it also requires passion, attitude, grit and a little bit of daring energy. Many factors come to play when you are deciding how far you want to go when you’re looking for a brand-new hairstyle. Can’t decide? Whether you’re looking to simply refresh your current haircut, start fresh with a new colour or really make a statement, Tony and his team of professional hair stylists are standing by.

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One of our favourite treatments to get done while getting your haircut in our hair salon in Toronto, is the RENEWAL REMEDIES collection by ORIBE. Get a regenerating, energizing and luxurious treatment on the recommendation of expert stylists and feel the difference for yourself! The benefits last 4 to 6 weeks and the results are immediately visible so you can enjoy your fresh haircut, feel good, look good and treat your hair in the meantime. What more could you ask for!

Combine the essence of the amplifiers with the booster of the Renewal Remedies Hair Treatment

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