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Colour Corrections Toronto – Changing your hair colour

You’ve finally decided to change your hair colour. A process that can be intimidating, specially if you don’t have a regular hair stylist that perfectly knows colour and how they react and change while interacting with each other.

Hair colouring is considered an art, it needs passion, consistence, perseverance, talent and patience to get from where your hair stands now to the place you want to reach. 

What is there to know about colour correction?

When you are trying to get rid or work around changing your previous hair colour, you are going to be facing the delicate colour correction process.

It is difficult to determinate how much the service is going to cost without being able to see the hair in person, therefore to schedule a consultation it is absolutely mandatory in order to figure out what can and needs to be done to achieve the final colour you want your hair to be and get a quote for it.

We usually try to work with a contained budget but our fees for hair color correction start at $750.00 +taxes which includes 3 hours of work.

Color correction average prices are usually with $750.00+tax / $1000.00+tax

Depending on the work that needs to be done, it cannot be unreal for the price of the work to be around $950.00+tax and 7 (or more) hours of work.

It might be necessary to break up the service in multiple appointments so your hair can gradually change and not be damaged and overprocessed and overstressed.

After a colour correction it is necessary to take good care of your hair so expect to bring home at least a sulfate-free color shampoo, conditioner to repair and moisture the hair and a masque or repairing treatment.

It would be unreal to spend all this time in-salon and with this type of investment and to not take care of the hair at home to maintain the work done.

To get your color correction at our salon in downtown Toronto call us at 416.941.9915 to book a complimentary 15 minutes consultation, prior to book for the service.

Keep in mind that if booking your color correction for a another day after consultation, a full non-refundable deposit of $350.00+tax will be necessary towards your services.

Examples of some of our colour corrections, before and after photos:

color correction toronto photos tony shamas hair laser salon downtown

Call us now at 416.941.9915 for a complimentary consultation for your colour correction in our hair salon located in downtown Toronto.