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K Water Toronto Treatment by Kerastase

Enjoy An Incredible in Salon Treatment for Instant Shine


We no longer carry Kerastase at our hair salon,

please check other treatments such as: Oribe Renewal Remedies


K Water Toronto Kerastase Treatment Hair Salon


Introducing Toronto’s first resurfacing Lamellar treatment for intensely shiny, lightweight, fluid hair: K Water by Kerastase.

When visiting a hair salon for your routine hair colour or a quick wash and style you always want to leave the hair salon with that “glam look”. However, with your busy schedule it may not always possible to sit in the chair for a deep conditioning treatment (we get it!)

Now you can get all the benefits of a deep conditioning treatment, in just few seconds!

K Water gives you the shine, fluidity and weightless transformation, to achieve perfectly gorgeous hair.


K Water Toronto Treatment in Salon Model

The Treatment

Why K Water is different than other treatments: 

Usually, when performing a normal hair mask routine, treatment particles are emulsified in a creamy solution, however K Water’s healing power agents are dissolved in a clear liquid. 

The ingredients act instantly upon the hair fibers and washes off effortlessly for a weightless finish look. 

How it works: 

  1. Your hairstylist applies K Water after shampooing your hair 
  1. They wash it off immediately  
  1. Your hair is cut or styled as usual 
  1. The hair is treated in a matter of seconds. 

The immediate result is effortlessly sleek – fluid hair with a glasslike shine and freedom of movement. 



The Formula

A light, clear liquid, K Water is actually the first waterless treatment in Toronto. 

It is a combination of glycol and caring ingredients. 

These caring ingredients are signaled instantly by water to attach to the hair’s fiber in layers to create a smooth finish on the surface. 

The Results

In only a few seconds of contact with the hair fiber, K Water’s lamellar technology significantly improves the quality of the hair, leaving it healthy and with a weightless fluid look. 

What you can expect after your treatment: 

  • Hair is shielded from breakage. 
  • Hair becomes manageable allowing you to blow-dry and style with little effort. 
  • Hair becomes soft to the touch and radiates shine. 

Leave the hair salon with shiny hair, and not a minute wasted. 


K Water Results Hair Treatment Toronto Hair Salon Kerastase



K water in salon treatment Toronto Kerastase


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For more information on the K Water Kerastase in salon treatment, please read the star product page on Kerastase’s Website.