Men’s Relaxers Toronto

If you are looking for the best men’s relaxers in Toronto we got you covered.

Men’s relaxers in Toronto can be dangerous for the health of your hair if not performed with the right products and by a professional.

We only carry the top of the line men’s relaxer from L’Oreal Professionnel X-TENSO MOISTURIST.

X-TENSO MOISTURIST offers long term professional volume and frizz control for men’s hair.

Your most rebellious, curly hair will be transformed in just 20 minutes to smooth, beautifully silk and shiny hair.

X-TENSO MOSITURIST relaxers are performed in-salon only by hair stylist professionals.

You can get your men’s relaxer at our downtown Toronto location at 81 Jarvis Street.


Our hair salon is located just a couple of blocks North of the St Lawrence Market, across the St James Park, at the corner of Jarvis St and Adelaide St.

Give us a call at 416-941-9915 or book online to book your relaxer.

Men’s Relaxer price is $89.00+tax

We always recommend to use Olaplex when rinsing off your relaxer to treat your hair from possible damage and to make it even smoother and soft, for just an additional $35+tax.