Oribe Renewal Remedies Hair Treatments Toronto


This is a revolutionary salon treatment bespoke experience. Oribe Renewal Remedies custom-blended antidotes are created to help restore the health of the hair from within, beautifying and protecting from root to tip. Hair is immediately transformed into luscious, polished perfection, with added movement and reflective shine for truly visible results that last up to 4-6 weeks with proper Oribe at-home haircare.

Bespoke treatments for healthier, more lustrous hair.

Transformative Professional Hair Treatments now available in Toronto in salon only.

Are you looking to your hair by starting with an indulgent experience of pure relaxation and hair regeneration? Do you want to reverse years of damage and simply the haircare has not being able to deliver instant results? Tony and his team of professional colourists and hair stylists have the experience and skills to deliver you the transformation that you’ve been dreaming of!

The system works by blending 2 elements.

Starting with 5 pumps of The Foundations, that are either for fine to medium hair or medium to thick hair, and then adding 1 pump of The Amplifiers.

What are The Foundations?

The Foundations are the base of ORIBE Renewal Remedies treatments.
Formulated with Bio-Synergy, a restorative protein from sugar complex, Renewal Remedies strenghtens the structure of the hair from within, while restoring the outer damaged layer and by creating a shield that locks in all that essential beneficial moisture and smoothes the hair cuticle.
Created to address the full spectrum of any hair concerns, each treatment improves texture and adds intense hydration while also increasing vibrancy, smoothness, and finally,  strength.

What are the Amplifiers?

The amplifiers will be chosen by your hair stylist based on your hair needs at the moment of the consultation are are:

The Amplifiers in detail

Strengthening Amplifier

The Strengthening Amplifier by Oribe works with the Foundations to:

  • Strengthen the inner structure of hair,

  • Prevent breakage,

  • Improve elasticity,

  • Fortify strands.

The Strengthening Amplifier is formulated with a blend of 12 amino acids and a Oribe proprietary fortifying complex that penetrates the cortex of the hair shaft to help strengthen its inner structure while preventing breakage.

The Strengthening Amplifier and Foundation work together by drastically improving elasticity and strength of the hair with each application.

Smoothing Amplifier

The Smoothing Amplifier by ORIBE works with the Foundations to:

  • Improve smoothness, softness and manageability,

  • Lock in moisture,

  • Reduce frizz and static,

  • Protects against humidity.

The Smoothing Amplifier is formulated with a cross-linked polymer and the hydrating marine complex. Creates a protective barrier on the hair fiber to lock in moisture and nutrients that are reparative while protecting from humidity.

The Smoothing Amplifier + Foundation work together to deliver enhanced smoothness, extra softness and movement control while reducing frizz, even in high humidity conditioner.

Colour Retention Amplifier

The Colour Retention Amplifier by Oribe works with the Foundations to:

  • Extend your in-salon colour life throughout several washes,

  • Creates a shield from oxidative stress,

  • Restore the protective outer layers of hair strands,

  • Increase colour-vibrancy and reflective shine.

The Color Retention Amplifier, designer with a colour-lock technology and a vibrant luminosity-enhancer antioxidant, helps extend the life of your in-salon colour, while shielding from external factors and oxidative stress.

The Colour Retention Amplifier added to the Foundation work together to restore the protective outer layer of strands, while creating a noticeable difference in colour-vibrancy and shine throughout multiple washes at home.

Please only use Oribe shampoos (or professional salon-grade shampoo) at home to extend the life of your hair colour to the max!

Oribe Renewal Remedies Hair Treatments just landed in Toronto at Tony Shamas

Bespoke by your stylist to your hair needs. a 5 minute only hair transformation

What to expect after the treatment?

Hair Smoother.

Hair Softer.

Hair more manageable.

Book online now your Oribe Renewal Remedies hair treatment in Toronto now at Tony Shamas. Please, always add a blow-out to immediately see and feel the benefits of your Oribe hair treatment.

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