Strengthen Your Hair from Scalp to Lengths: Initialiste


Strengthen Your Hair from Scalp to Lengths: Initialiste Kerastase Toronto



Beautiful hair starts from the source, the scalp. In order to keep our locks healthy, shiny with a soft feel, and looking beautiful we must take care of the place where they grow.

Just like plants need a well hydrated and rich soil, our hair needs our scalp taken care of in order to prosper and shine.

From the laboratories of L’Oreal Advanced Research in Paris, France Kerastase launched the first hair serum to impulse the growth of stronger, shinier hair applied directly on the scalp.

Inspired by plant biotechnology, Initialiste is designed with the same architecture that as a skin care serum, with the best haircare’s ingredients.

INITIALISTE was entirely formulate with millions of plants cells coming from the Malus Domestica. This specific type of ancestral apple tree is known for its incredible power of preservation.


malus domestica kerastase toronto initialiste

Extensive tests on the native cells of the scalp, conducted by the L’Oréal Advanced Research, demonstrated that they were able to protect their power of regeneration.

The formula contained in Initialiste, Regenerative Complex®, also contains antioxidant polyphenols which protect the native cells environment, a patented gluco lipid and a new generation of ceramides to optimize the production of hair and strengthen the resistance during the growth.


How to Apply?

The INITIALISTE serum by Kerastase can be apply directly on scalp after the wash ritual (after, shampoo, conditioner and/or hair masque). It’s a leave-in treatment.

Just release 2 pipettes on each side of the each for fine hair and 4 pipettes for normal to thick hair.

After application, massage the serum directly with your fingertips and evenly distribute over the whole scalp for a minute to let it penetrate it.



Benefits of INITIALISTE scalp & hair serum

After few applications, hair is immediately reinvigorated. More resistant, with 93% less breakage during brushing, as instrumental tests demonstrated. After about 10 applications, hair is left stronger at the root and hair quality visibly enhanced.

More vibrant, beautiful and stronger.

When used after each shampoo as recommended, INITIALISTE improves hair’s beauty assets by rendering it healthier and stronger.

The minimum recommended length of application time for optimal results, is just less than 3 months.