Summer Must Have:

New Killer.Waves by Kevin Murphy


killer waves kevin murphy toronto salon



The curl enhancer for fine hair is here.


killer waves kevin murphy toronto salon new



Months of indulging in hair care and visits to the salon are finally paying off because you can now show in full your brand new balayage, highlights or simply your newest haircut.

No more hats and scarves, you are now in full on show-off mode.

Of course when we are really in need to get someones attention your favourite eyeliner and lipstick are always a quick search in the purse away, but how do you enhance in just a few spritz your waves and curls in these sticky and hot summer days?

As for everything there is an answer, this comes right from one of our favourite brands: Kevin Murphy.

Kevin Murphy is always eager to help us with our curls and waves with great quality products like KILLER.CURLS, MOTION.LOTION, HAIR.RESORTS but now the choices are amplified to every of your specific hair needs with the newest addiction to the collection: KILLER.WAVES.


killer waves kevin murphy toronto salon new killer.waves



A word from Kevin Murphy:

Curl is the new cool-girl calling card. Never before have we seen so much natural texture and curl on the cat walks and runways all over the world.

Each and every curly and wavy head of hair is unique and no two heads are the same. All of my guests with ne wavy or curly hair said to me they needed a weightless and invisible curl enhancer as a large majority of the products were too heavy or too evident in the hair. With this in mind, I created KILLER.WAVES: a weightless volume and curl enhancing spray.

Just as curly and wavy hair is personal, so is the combination of products needed tokeep it just so. People with wavy or curly hair use multiple products at di erent stages from wet to dry.

KILLER.WAVES gives exibility and the ability to tailor-make daily product routines for your hair needs.


KILLER.WAVES is a fantastic “one stop shop” for new textured, curly and wavy hair, adding volume and curl definition in a weightless formulation.

For the medium to thicker heads of hair, I would use this as a foundation product to lift the hair and give volume. Think of it as the first product you would use in a routine, then layer up other product on top of that for the perfect individual curl prescription.


KILLER.WAVES uses eyelash thickening and lengthening technology in the form of a Tripeptide to make your curls feel and look fuller weightlessly. And high-tech Curl Retention Polymers designed to provide a soft, touchable finish and exible hold with memory to maintain curls and waves while fighting frizz and humidity resistance.


Back at the lab, we added a favourite ingredient, Baobab Seed Extract, that packs a potent punch full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids. As always, this is ethically harvested but further to this, the cultivation of this ingredient has a profoundly positive effect on the community and is ECOCERT approved.

This ingredient in combination with others also provides shine, smoothing, rejuvenation and elasticity to the hair.


For added protection and strength, as well as shine and nourishment, we added Hibiscus Flower Extract. Yerba Mate, a source of natural caffeine, provides manageability and can have a profound effect on hair health and may even improve hair quality over time.


You can find the NEW KILLER.CURLS by KEVIN MURPHY at:



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