The New DEFINITIVE Hair Treatment

Texture of the Oribe Renewal Remedies Treatment

Introducing the most powerful new in salon DEFINITIVE hair treatment for both your scalp and hair.

The Definitive Treatment combines two of the best hair treatments that we currently offer in salon for the most complete and luxurious hair restoration available.

It safe to use on all hair types, keratin treated and coloured hair.


What is this new hair treatment?

Wet Hair with Hair Treatment Processing

Great healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp, therefore, that is how the Definitive Hair Treatment starts.

The treatment kicks-off with a indulgent blend of hand picked and skin-friendly key ingredients like micelles, celery seed extract and lastly, a luxurious rose water.

Soothe, balance and keep hold of water for an optimal scalp health experience.


How does the Definitive Treatment work?

Combine the essence of the amplifiers with the booster of the Renewal Remedies Hair Treatment

Start with micellar water to pre-wash and soothe your scalp as you would with a delicate face pre-wash.

Detoxify your scalp with a gentle yet exfoliating scrub and gently remove away impurities from both the scalp and the hair follicle.

This is the true foundation for a hair regrowth regimen.


Forthermore, continue on with an extremely soothing and nourishing scalp masque.

Relieve sensitive scalp, inject Hyaluronic Acid and deliver hydration and locks in moisture.

Carrot Root + Celery Seed Extracts help clear out impurities and excessive oil while conditioning and rebalance your scalp.


Scalp Health Treatment Kevin murphy Toronto


Next, the masque is rinsed out and it’s time to indulge in a total luxury with the infusion of your personalized Oribe Renewal Remedy Antidote.

This is a comprehensive salon treatment bespoke service.

Finally, the Oribe Renewal Remedies personalized and fused antidotes are formulated to help reinstate the health of the hair from inside out, enhancing and safeguard from root to tip.


What to expect from the treatment?

The essence of the amplifier treatment texture

Hair is transformed instantly into a luscious, glassy perfection, with enhanced movement and glowing shine for truly visible results that last up to 4 weeks with proper Oribe at-home haircare.

before after treatment

Continue your experience with the perfect Blow-Out or Haircut for a total renewed luscious look.

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