Top 3 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

Top 3 Hair Treatments for Damaged Hair

If you’ve been a little too rough on your hair during the holidays, with colour, lightener, highlights, styling-washing-restyling and blow-drying for the gazillion of events and Christmas parties, now it’s the perfect month to recoup all of the elasticity and bring back the natural shine.

Thanks to highly committed scientists working in laboratories of advanced technology and research you can now easily reverse the damage your hair has been subject to, without having to damage your wallet.

There are several hair treatments available on the market that are highly effective, we have chosen the best 3 ones for your hair. Let’s take a look at them together!



damaged hair toronto what to use pro fiber salon tony shamas hair laser treatment

Pro Fiber offers an in-salon treatment tailored to your level of hair damage, takes about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Depending on your level of damage, a personalized treatment will be chosen and, immediately you can feel the benefits of it brought to your hair.

You can reactivate its benefits at home, thanks to the highly concentrated and advanced products that complete the whole process of restoring and revamp your hair fiber.

Smells great, act fast and with the complete product range that comes with it, maintaining your hair healthy will be easy at home as well.

The treatment last up to 6 weeks, you can reactivate it for 4 weeks with the PRO-FIBER Recharges, easily in your bathroom. Read more about PRO-FIBER.



Hair Treatment Fusio Dose by Kerastase Perfect ForColour Treated Highlighted and Balayaged Hair

Fusio-Dose is a bespoke and personalized hair treatment that combines two powerful combination of ingredients, concentrate and boosters, that aim to revitalize your hair based on what your hair needs the most.

It is done in salon and it only takes 5 minutes of your time but gives back great results.

The concentrates fill your primary hair concern, the booster treats your second most important, making it easier to reverse the damage and restore the natural sheen on your hair fiber.

Dry coloured hair? Fusio Dose got you covered: concentre oleo-fusion + booster brilliance.




olaplex toronto for balayage and highlights hair salon toronto tony shamas hair and laser

Olaplex is a hair bond multiplier used during any chemical service done to your hair. Balayage, Highlights, Colour all works perfectly with it.

Invented to prevent hair damage usually on greater hair transformation, it is now common used in all processes where your hair needs to go lighter or simply when the hair is feeling a bit rough and need some TLC.

It included 3 steps.

N.1 done in salon mixed with your colour or lightener (highlights or balayage, ombre). N.2 when rinsing your hair colour at the hair washing sink and left on for a minimum of 10 minutes.

N.3 Home Care. The last step to the process, done once a week during your hair care ritual, to maintain your hair healthy and soft.

Read more about OLAPLEX


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