Top 5 Hair Essentials For Summer Cottage Escapes


Top 5 Hair Essentials For Summer Cottage Escapes Hair Products Toronto


Summer is here, when packing for your cottages escapes don’t forget your hair essentials that will refresh  your scalp and refresh your locks for healthy hair all summer long!

We have selected the Top 5 Hair Products that you absolutely can’t forget to bring with your this season for healthy looking hair during your summer cottage escapes!

The Scrub for Scalp and Hair:



exfoliating hair scalp and hair fiber for blondes highlights hair toronto


Just like skin, hair needs exfoliation to detoxify and purify the fiber.

Micro-particules activate the circulation, boosting ingredients’ efficiency, while leaving a sensation of infinite lightness.

A must before shampooing, at least once during your week-end, or every 2-3 washes.


The Detox:

MAXXI.WASH by Kevin Murphy


A detoxifying shampoo that breaks down fatty acids for a clean, clear scalp.

The balancing essential oils penetrate the scalp to brighten hair and purify an oily or flaky scalp.

It contains anti pollutant ingredients that remove build-up of unwanted products and chemicals.

Definitely perfect after a swim in the lake or a night in the woods by the fire place.


The Dry Shampoo: When You Just Want to Enjoy Every Minute

FRESH.HAIR by Kevin Murphy

Dry Shampoo Beauty Essentials Hair Salon Toronto Kevin Murphy Products Tony Shamas hair & laser winter getaway

Perfect if you are looking to remove odors, excess oil and all your sins from the night before and don’t have time to wash your hair. Adventurous excursions can’t wait for shampoo and conditioning!

No need to worry, simply pull out this gem from your beauty bag. FRESH.HAIR, shake it up real well, apply evenly onto dry hair and brush through or rub.

It will become your new best friend even when you are back home and you are late to get to the office meeting first thing in the morning.


RESTYLE, RESHAPE, RESTYLE: 3 days in a row without having to re-wash and re-apply



kerastase l'incroyable blow dry best hair look strong confident hair salon Toronto tony shamas


Infinite repositionability and 96 hours of frizz protection, it gives you extra time to enjoy outdoors.

L’incroyable blowdry’s shape memory allows you to style and restyle in minutes.

This means going curly, straight and curly again without reapplying, 3 days in a row!

Oh, and up to 450° Thermo-Protection.


Let Your Curls do The Talking!

Killer.Curls by Kevin Murphy

Killers Curls Hair Beauty Essentials Kevin Murphy Products Toronto Hair SALON TONY SHAMAS


An amazing anti-frizz styling curl definition cream with a superlative delicate scent.

The ally to medium to coarse curly or natural wavy hair.

Hydrating, strengthens, de-frizzes and redefine your curls or natural waves, with a natural feel and motion.

Rich in antioxidants, weightless, for all day lasting results.

Apply to damp towel dried hair, and scrunch!