Your Body Summer-Ready with Laser Hair Removal

Smooth Legs Hair Free with Laser Hair Removal by The Pool in summer

Get your body ready for summer with laser hair removal.

As summer is just around the corner, it means it’s time to think about getting our bodies ready and smooth for swimsuits, shorts, and tank tops too.

A painless way to be bikini-ready is with laser hair removal.

It provides long-lasting results and helps you feel more confident when showing off your skin.

Find out how to get your body summer-ready with laser hair removal with our Alma Soprano XL.

An 810-nm gold standard diode laser.


How does laser hair removal works?

The handpiece of the Soprano XL machine emits a highly concentrated beam of light that is then absorbed by the pigment inside the hair follicle.

Once the light hits it, it becomes heat which goes all the down through the shaft damaging it and finally inhibiting future hair growth.

The more this is done over and over, more the chances of damaging it and finally avoiding hair growing back.

The treatment can be performed on any body area, including legs, underarms, bikini, and face too.

Exception are for eyebrows, forehead, and the scrotum.


As a first step to start the process,  schedule a consultation with a laser technician.

The technician will be able to:

  • discuss your goals, have your hair and skin type assessed,
  • get a run down of any side effects,
  • know the average number of treatments you may need.


A Laser hair removal consultation with patient and technician


How to prepare for your appointment?

After you’ve scheduled your consultation, it’s time to prepare for your actual treatment.

In the weeks leading up to your visit, avoid waxing or plucking the hair in the areas you will get treated.

If you have waxed or plucked the hair, you will have to wait 4 weeks before being able to get the treatment done.

It is recommended to shave the area as close as possible to the treatment date (the night before or the morning of).


On the day of your appointment, wear comfortable clothing, for easy access to the treated area.

Wipe away any lotions, oils, or deodorant in stick or creams on the area.

They might interfere with the laser’s ability to target the hair follicles, or cause irritation.


A technician performing laser hair removal for patient

What to expect during your laser appointment?

During the laser treatment, you may feel a slight tingling, prickling or a rubber band snapping on the skin sensation as the laser pulses. And this is completely normal.

Mild discomfort or redness after the treatment is completely normal, and should subside within 2-8 hours.

Avoid any creams, oils, or deodorant that might contain alcohol, it will make the redness stay longer and irritate the area.

The treated area is betterleft breathing until the next day.

Several sessions, spaced out over 6-8 weeks apart will be necessary to achieve best results, as the laser can only target hair follicles that are in the active growth phase.

That is why multiple sessions are needed to treat all the follicles.


After your treatment:

  • start by avoiding direct sunlight exposure and tanning beds,
  • furthermore, wear sunscreen every time you are outside.

After 8-10 hours, you may then use a gentle, non-irritating, moisturizer on the treated area.

This will help with the soothing of any redness or irritation.

male laser hair removal patient

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of the treatments in little to no time, therefore ready for the summertime.

To know more about our Soprano XL machine, please visit Alma Lasers.